Know about India’s most popular lottery game of Satta Matka!

Do you know what Satta Matka is about? Or what is the history behind the game of Satta Matka? If not then here we will brief you about the history of the game. Satta Matka or Satta is a lottery game. The game became popular in the 1950s. It was a game that people used to play way before the independence of India. The game is played all around the world with great zing.

The playing system of the game Satta King is quite similar to the game of lottery. If you can guess the accurate number, then you can win a large amount of prize money in one go. With passing time, the game evolved to the next level and made itself one of the popular platforms in the world of gambling. In the 1950s, the game involved betting on one’s money and belongings while playing this game. But now, the concept of Satta changed with time. It consists of guessing random numbers with an excellent process of betting.

Early history

Though the game of Satta started in 1950, it became popular among the people in 1960. In the era of 1960, people loved the game of gambling. Betting was part of the gambling game. In those times, people used to bet over the opening and closing rate of cotton. During that time, people were involved in the trade of cotton. The cotton would then reach the Bombay Cotton Exchange through New York Cotton Exchange. People would bet on this cotton.

It is not wrong to state that Satta Matka or the game of Sattaking is becoming popular among people from everywhere. It is illegal to play this game, but interested people can play the game online.

Who started it?

As far it is known, till now there are three winners, who won the game of Satta. They are:

  • Suresh Bhagat
  • Kalyani Bhagat
  • Ratan Khatri

Suresh Bhagat was one of the leading players in the game of Indian gambling.

Kalyani Bhagat was the pioneer of the Satta Matka game. He started the Worli Matka in 1962.

Ratan Khatri introduced the idea of a declaration of the opening and closing rates of imaginary products.


Though the game of Satta King guessing will never die, and people will enjoy the lottery game forever. One thing is people need to be careful while betting.


  1. Is it okay to play the game of Satta Matka?
  2. Yes, the online platform for this game is safe and secure.
  3. Does this game have a pattern?
  4. No, the game depends on the luck of a person. Well, if you are good with calculations, then it can be a plus point for you.
  5. Does the game of Satta guessing involve a lot of money?
  6. Previously, people would bet a lot of money and belongings on this lottery game, but now the game changed with time, and it does not involve too much money.
  7. Does the game have an official website?
  8. A player can play this game from any genuine website that is available online.

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